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Project Implicit

Интересен тест, обединил работата на изследователи от Харвард, Вирджинския и Вашингтонския университет, изледващ съзнателните и подсъзнателните нагласи на хората да дискриминират на основата на цвят на кожа, раса, религия, възраст, пол, националност, сексуална ориентация и т.н. В края на всеки тест излиза резултатът на участника. Аз направих теста за цвят на кожата - тъмен-светъл и ми каза, че осезаемо предпочитам светли пред тъмни хора, заради грешките, които съм допуснала, правейки теста и заради това, че съм губела повече време за някои отговори. А тръгнах да го правя толкова уверена в отговора..

"Psychologists understand that people may not say what's on their minds either because they are unwilling or because they are unable to do so. For example, if asked "How much do you smoke?" a smoker who smokes 4 packs a day may purposely report smoking only 2 packs a day because they are embarrassed to admit the correct number. Or, the smoker may simply not answer the question, regarding it as a private matter. (These are examples of being unwilling to report a known answer.) But it is also possible that a smoker who smokes 4 packs a day may report smoking only 2 packs because they honestly believe they only smoke about 2 packs a day. (Unknowingly giving an incorrect answer is sometimes called self-deception; this illustrates being unable to give the desired answer).

The unwilling-unable distinction is like the difference between purposely hiding something from others and unconsciously hiding something from yourself. The Implicit Association Test makes it possible to penetrate both of these types of hiding. The IAT measures implicit attitudes and beliefs that people are either unwilling or unable to report."

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