сряда, 30 октомври 2013 г.

Anti-government performances on the street

30.10.2013: Bulgarian students from the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts perform on the walkway paralyzing the street traffic in Sofia at 8 AM. Their university was also occupied after a wave of anti-government university occupations in Bulgaria which started with an occupation of the biggest hall in Sofia University and continued with disobedience in the Plovdiv University, the Veliko Tarnovo University, the Naval School in Varna, the Ruse University, the New Bulgarian University, the University of National and World Economy, the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, etc. The students demand an immediate resignation of the absolutely discreditable government and new elections.

31.10.2013: The students wrote on the street "Оставка", meaning "Resignation" in Bulgarian, with their bodies.

Photo: Emil A. Georgiev

You can also read the DECLARATION of Occupation of Sofia University and some background information on the events in Bulgaria which started 4.5 months ago.

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