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Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings (1964)

Snow Piece

Think that snow is falling. Think that snow is falling
everywhere all the time. When you talk with a person, think
that snow is falling between you and on the person.
Stop conversing when you think the person is covered by snow.

Cloud Piece

Imagine the clouds dripping
Dig a hole in your garden to
put them in

Tunafish Sandwich Piece

Imagine one thousand suns in the
sky at the same time.
Let them shine for one hour.
Then, let them gradually melt
into the sky.
Make one tunafish sandwich and eat.

Piece for My Littlest Brother

Make a mountain.
Put the mountain outside.
Hand out small portions to people who 
come to see it.

Piece for My Other Little Brother

Break big light into pieces.
Put the pieces in an empty bag.
Use pieces from the bag to fill
empty conversation.

Let’s Piece I

500 Noses are more beautiful than
one nose. Even a telephone no. is more
beautiful if 200 people think of the same number at the same time.

a) let 500 people think of the same
telephone number at once for a 
minute at a set time.

b) let everybody in the city think
of the word “yes” at the same time
for 30 seconds. Do it often.

c) make it the whole world thinking
all the time.

“Give death announcements each time you move instead of giving announcements of the change of address. Send the same when you die.” 

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